Quest for Freedom  by Dave Lemay

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Imprisoned for Less than an Ounce of Marijuana


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True Story 

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  These Amazon Reviews are from a previous version of the same story originally titled "Wanted"

5.0 out of 5 stars Wanted 

By IpadReader

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(Kindle Edition)

This book is a must read for anyone who enjoys a suspense filled true story.  I downloaded it on Saturday and couldn't put it down till complete.  The author did a great job of keeping this reader on the edge on every page. This story keeps you thinking "What the heck could happen next!" 

And just when you think it's getting safer for the main character, it just gets worse.

I'd recommend this book to all and can't wait for the movie!



5.0 out of 5 stars Truth or fiction?

Hugh P.

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(Kindle Edition)

If I didn't know it was true, I would say this was a work of fiction and that the author had an implausible imagination. 

How could so much misfortune be heaped on one person? 

How could that person not just survive but be strong enough to still see the good in life? That is what this book is about. 

It is a great read and keeps your interest throughout.



5.0 out of 5 stars Wanted ( new version "Quest for Freedom")

By Thomas Monroe

Very good book, I'm not someone who is a serious reader but this book kept me wanting to read more to find out what happens next. I highly recommend purchasing it.



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5.0 out of 5 stars Wanted ( new version "Quest for Freedom")

By Thelma Calvi

This book captured my interest. It's as if it were a made for tv movie but was real life.  Amazing...I would recommend this book to all adults over 21.  Having over 20 years in the Mental Health Field and working in a jail, this story made me realize how many people are incarcerated wrongly, not that they are innocent but the punishment does not always fit the crime and how quickly things change over the years. 

Very well written.

Having changed the title for the final revision, I would greatly appreciate your reviews after you've read this book.  Thanks in advance.

When this real life story began, life was very different.  Marijuana was sometimes called, "The Killer Weed" and a lot of people actually believed this to be true.  Due to the ignorance of society back then, pot was even considered by the general public to be a highly addictive narcotic.  It seems a bit silly today but because of this attitude and belief system, many individuals were arrested and sent to prison, or paid severe penalties that labeled them "criminals," for the rest of their lives.

This book questions the legal systems of two different countries.  It looks closely at our police, lawyers, courts and how the judicial system can go astray and actually ruin lives.  It's one thing to be punished for a crime but quite another to never be allowed reintegration into society for as long as you live.  In order to understand the ramifications of this endless ball and chain system, everyone in anyway connected to law enforcement, or the creation of laws, should read this book.

The crime in my story had to do with a miniscule amount of marijuana, less than an ounce. Our country was waging war against drugs and I inadvertently became a victim of that war.  Oddly, in all of these decades, change came very slowly but at last we are beginning to see that marijuana can actually be a medical aid, while also simply providing a kind of relaxation for people who care to indulge. 
 Some States are now realizing that a lot of money can be made in taxes when legalizing for personal use.  Persecuting and prosecuting people for possession of drugs has never improved anything, so when and where does society engage in something that works?  When do we stop the war that should never have begun?

Join me in my "Quest for Freedom" and you may just see your world, in a different light.

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Quest For Freedom

by Dave Lemay




The story that I am about to relate to you is true to the best of my recollection.  Some of the names have been changed because some people donít deserve recognition, not even negative recognition.  Though Iíve written this as my story, itís really more about the legal system and how it can affect peopleís lives.  From the cops, to the lawyers, the judges and the courts, you will see that a personís life can forever be impacted after coming into contact with the law and you don't necessarily have to have been found guilty of any crime whatsoever.

In this book, the laws of two countries are examined and scrutinized.  You will see a people variation, as well as legal variations.  You will get to compare the differences in the manner of arrest, convictions, and how they are attained and more importantly, the rights of the individual, as well as the treatment of individuals.

In my case, the crime was miniscule and began with possession of marijuana.  What followed was a life forever changed and some might even call it, a nightmare without apparent end.  The bottom line is that a small number of people will pay a heavy price for what society has determined to be a crime, even when oftentimes, there should be no crime. 

That being said, life is a combination of choices and luck, both good and bad.  If your parents were millionaires, then thereís a pretty good chance that youíll be rich, too.  If they were poor folk, well I guess you know where Iím headed with this.  Sure, some people do turn it around but letís be real, they are the few and the lucky.

I grew up in ďsmall town, USAĒ and that too, affects your long-range destiny, even though, once again, there are exceptions.  Small towns most often equal, small thinking.  Thatís not to say that that is all bad but letís just say that it becomes a cog in the wheel.  Instead of this wheel being like a roulette table where you might land on the big money, in this case, the wheel is slightly weighted in the direction of the background that I have just mentioned.  In short, the result would be that a person like myself would virtually never end up as a doctor, or a lawyer, or in any professional position, because not even an inkling of that thought was ever implanted into my brain.

Still, I made it through high school, though just barely and after that it appeared that I might have a normal, though not exciting life.  Of course I wouldnít and couldnít ever foresee that prison was in my future, or that I would one day escape from prison.  That sort of thing just doesnít happen to well behaved and well mannered average kids.  Yet, it did happen.

Yep, the societal factors that existed at the time caused my life to take a turn that I could never have imagined. Sure, I made some mistakes but lots of people make mistakes when in their teens and most get through it without a hitch.  In my case however, it was like I boarded a train in the wrong direction and I either couldnít get off the train, or if I did, Iíd find that the next train was also going in another wrong direction. 

So was it a train, or a roller coaster, I donít know but once youíre on the ride, you just have to hang on and hope that you eventually can find a choice, or an outlet, that will fix the situation.  Of course, make the wrong choice and things can become even worse.

As this story progresses, ask yourself these questions; "if I found myself in his shoes, in his predicament, what would I do?"  If you think that what I did was insane, illogical, irrational, then you just might be right.  Next, ask yourself, ďis this the kind of legal system that I would want in the event that I were in some similar circumstance?Ē

If you think that you will never come into contact with the law because you donít break the laws, then you are failing to recognize just how fragile things can be.  Consider something as simple as a car accident, or a thousand other things that can happen in what began as a normal day and you begin to see that anything is possible.  Once the police get involved, the ball begins to roll and where sometimes it ends well, sometimes it does not.  The big question then becomes, what happens next and how do you handle it.  Do you sit back and accept your fate, even if you were treated unfairly, or do you take matters into your own hands?   

If you read this story and you can sense and feel the highs, the lows, the pain and even the pleasure of a very different kind of life, then this book has been worthwhile.


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