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Safe Boating Pocket Guide
& Safe Boating Study Guide

by Dave Lemay

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This edition of the APMP Primer aligns with the revised APMP exam syllabus brought about by publication in 2013 of the new APMBOK 6.   The APMP Primer has been written at a level of detail required to pass the APMP exam. It can be used for independent study or to supplement a training course or simply read as a basic textbook on the fundamentals of project management.   The author has drawn upon his considerable experience not just as a Project Manager, and Manager of Project Managers, but as someone who has delivered scores of training courses and written courses for several commercial course providers.   Passing the exam requires not just familiarity with the subject matter but also an awareness of the most efficient exam technique.   To this end the book is written in a style compatible with the way questions should be answered and includes over 40 examples of exam type questions, all with fully worked answers.

NOTE:  The price reflected for this book has been kept as low as possible and should therefore, be affordable to most anyone.  The only reason for a price for the digital version is really only as a means of assessing numbers of copies read.  The print version of course, is quite costly to produce due to the numerous color illustrations and thus, it is a bit expensive for the average person.  Either version covers more information than even the Coast Guard Auxiliary courses and manuals.  Some of the points covered are more pertinent to Florida guidelines, yet similar enough to other states as to still be very viable.  Bear in mind that all States with a coast line must  comply equally with Federal Law, so there can me no deviations or variations in that regard.

Another important factor about the digital version is that it was created as a portable means of acquiring instant information via being carried in full on a cell phone.  By simply going to the index many questions can be answered quickly and effeciently.  These books include information on laws, regulations, rules of the road & guidelines for becomming a good boater.  This common sense approach can go a long ways to making your days on the water more enjoyable.

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