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Safe Boating Guides for Boaters

written by a real Captain and Boating Instructor

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 This book covers virtually everything that the Coast Guard wants you to know about safe boating.  Loads of color illustrations to assist you to understand all of the details.  More info than USCG Auxiliary Boating Course.

This Ebook was created with an entirely new thought pattern.  You download it to your phone and in an instant, you can go to the index and be guided to immediate answers to almost any boating related questions.  Easily find laws, rules, regulations, or just common sense.


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 If you prefer  a paper back format to view and study at your leisure, you get all of the same information and full color illustrations. 


This version is perfect for table top access and reading whenever you are in the mood to learn all of the rules and regulations

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More Books by Dave Lemay

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